SIBEX : Solutions Intelligentes pour le Bâtiment en Exploitation

SIBEX : Solutions Intelligentes pour le Bâtiment en EXploitation

Project Overview

Starting date of the project: December 2014

End of the project: End of 2018

Project team: LIUPPA (Anglet – France), Nobatek (Anglet – France), I2M (Bordeaux 1 – France), Fahrenheit Cell (supported by the laboratory Trèfle, I2M, Bordeaux 1 – France)

Project Description: SIBEX is a national project integrated in the program P3 (Exploit) of the ITE INEF4. It is divided into two mains parts:

  • New approaches for measuring the performance of buildings. This concerns the following tasks:
    • Exploratory studies on new approaches to measure the performance of buildings
    • Infrared thermography as a contributor to the signature assessment of buildings
    • Other techniques: exploration of inverse methods, data models for the elaboration of building signature
  • Monitoring data processing tools for the intelligent control of buildings, focusing on:
    • The development of a modular generic platform based on a visual programming language for development, and the deployment of BAS solutions integrating elementary bricks or modules
    • Development of building data collection module
    • Development of data processing modules
    • Development of display modules
    • Deployment of the platform on NOBATEK’s building

The thesis entitled “Automatic Composition of Web Services for a Better Building Energy Management”, is related to SIBEX and held between the collaboration of both LIUPPA and Nobatek.

Research Areas

  • Energy
  • Computer Science

Members Involved

  • Richard Chbeir
  • Lara Kallab



External Links

SIBEX developed platform will be the core of the European HIT2GAP project.