OntoMG Ontology


OntoMG Ontology

Project Overview

OntoMG is an ontology-based information model for MGs. To the best of our knowledge, it is the fi rst attempt to design such an ontological information model for MGs while being compliant with the CIM and the IEC 61850 standards. The contributions of our work are four-folded: 1) it allows to resolve interoperability issues (syntactic and semantic) encountered between MG components, 2) it helps MG to represent and consider their (economical, ecological and operational) objectives directly in the information model (which is not the case of existing models) and allows to provide reasoning features to reach the xed objectives, and 3) it allows to consider mobility and diversity of roles that can have each component involved in the MGs, and 4) it provides an evolutionary solution able to be extended easily to cover future needs. We have also integrated OntoMG in two projects, HIT2GAP and ISare Microgrid, as a backbone data modeling to show to which extend OntoMG is able to represent the power systems components.

Research Areas

  • Computer Science
  • Energy

PhD Student

Khouloud Salameh

Project Members

  • Richard Chbeir


University of Pau and Adour Countries, The LIUPPA (laboratory) T2I team

University of Basque Country, Systems Engineering & Control Department


The goal of this study is to address the above issues and challenges by providing an appropriate information modeling for MGs. In this chapter, we present a dedicated framework for better management of MG driven by adapted tools and services. Our ontology-based MG model called OntoMG, capable of:
1. Being compliant and aligned with existing information models,
2. Coping with the interoperability between all the layers,
3. Providing the reasoning capabilities and smart features needed, as well as
4. Solving the multi-objective aspect of the MG.


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