HIT2GAP : Highly Innovative Building Control Tools Tackling the Energy Performance Gap

HIT2GAP : Highly Innovative Building Control Tools Tackling the Energy Performance Gap

Project Overview

Starting date of the project: September 2015Duration: 48 months

Project team: 22 partners from ten European countries (Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom), including LIUPPA (France)

Project Description: Nowadays, a huge energy gap exists between buildings actual energy performance during their operation phase, and buildings design energy performance simulated before their construction. This performance gap that ranges between 150 % and 250 %, can arise due to:

  • Construction errors
  • Commissioning errors
  • The way buildings are actually used and operated

As a solution for reducing this gap, the HIT2GAP project, considered as an energy management system based approach, is proposed.

The main result expected from HIT2GAP is a generic and modular platform that integrates associated services based on data collection from the field level. In fact, The HIT2GAP system is adaptable to allow third-party suppliers to develop their own modules that are able to analyse live data collected from the field level, to identify significant energy consumption patterns and generate alarms associated with possible misbehaviors, to help in a better understanding, assessment and optimisation of energy performance.
Visualisation will be a key outcome of the project, and tools/modules will be provided to interrogate the processed data, and presenting it into the right format for a given audience – so it might provide a detailed array of graphs for one audience and a simple display for another.

The solution will be demonstrated in 4 different pilot sites:

  • Nanogune – Offices & Laboratories, Spain
  • Challenger – Office building, France
  • Office building, Poland
  • Teaching and research building, Ireland

Research Areas

  • Energy
  • Computer Science

Members Involved

  • Richard Chbeir
  • Yudith Cardinale
  • Khouloud Salameh
  • Lara Kallab

External Links

For more information, please visit the following website: http://www.hit2gap.eu