Event Detection / Handling in Smart Energy Environments


Event Detection / Handling in Smart Energy Environments

Project Overview

The goal of this PhD project is the formalization and the development of a generic event detection process applied to serve various smart energy environments such as Smart Buildings, Smart Grids, and Smart Cities for example. By automatically detecting the events that could arise in such environments, event handling mechanisms can be put into place. This could serve for improved conceptualization and management of these environments, both from an energetic and utility point of view.

The study is designed to develop a technological base that offers:

  • A generic framework for event detection
  • A platform enabling the integration of the event detection mechanism into different smart energy networks
  • An intelligent processing that allows not only event detection but also provides event handling and a better overall understanding of these environments

Research Areas

  • Data Mining
  • Event Detection
  • Energy

PhD Student

Elio Mansour

Project Members


The LIUPPA (laboratory) MOVIES team

LIUPPA  is a computer science laboratory related to the “Université de PAU et des Pays de l’Adour” (UPPA), and interested in the formalization of digital ecosystems in multimedia sensory networks and microgrids. The lab is present in the various campuses of the university in southern France, particulary in Anglet, Mont-de-Marsan, and Pau.

The lab contains two teams: T2I and MOVIES each dedicated to different research activities.


A generic framework for event detection


  • Mansour, Elio, et al. “F-SED: Feature-Centric Social Event Detection.” International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications. Springer, Cham, 2017.

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