Automatic Composition of Web Services for a Better Building Energy Management


Automatic Composition of Web Services for a Better Building Energy Management

Project Overview

The aim of this PhD project is to demonstrate the applicability of new information and data technologies in the world of buildings energy management through the 1) design and development of a building oriented system platform, and 2) the definition of a formal language able to model RESTful web services behavior and compositions.
The proposed framework will allow at a final stage the automatic composition of all the integrated REST web services, in order to meet end-users building oriented queries (i.e. forecasting, energy management, etc.).

The main expeced results can be summarized as follows :

  • Building oriented architecture definiton
  • Modeling semantic services dedicated to smart building management applications;
  • Defining a framework for the composition of these services, and the validation of the resulting composite services;
  • Implementation of the previous work into the SIBEX project

Research Areas

  • Computer Science
  • Energy

PhD Student

Lara Kallab


  • Richard Chbeir – LIUPPA
  • Michael Mrissa – UPPA
  • Pierre Bourreau – Nobatek


A private technological resource center, located in Anglet – France, which develops research activities and provide innovative service activities in sustainable development and construction areas. In the context of its actions, Nobatek led missions of instrumentation, management, andcontrol of intelligent buildings (acquisition phases and processing data, monitoring and steering) with a strong challenge at the present time in the autonomous and intelligent functioning of the buildings.

The LIUPPA (laboratory) T2I team
Also located in Anglet – France, is a computer science laboratory related to the “Université de PAU et des Pays de l’Adour” (UPPA), and interested in the formalization of digital ecosystems in multimedia sensory networks and microgrids.

The aim of the collaboration between Nobatek and LIUPPA is to extend their work to themanagement of intelligent buildings.

External Links

This thesis is related to both SIBEX and HIT2GAP projects.