Shohei Yokoyama

Shohei Yokoyama

Associate Researcher



Shohei Yokoyama is an associate professor in Shizuoka University (Japan) and an invited researcher in LIUPPA Laboratory of University of Pau and Adour Countries. He holds a PhD in Engineering from the Tokyo Metropolitan University (2006) and completed post-doc in National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (2006-2007). He received a grant-in-aid, Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research (Fostering Joint International Research), from JSPS (2016-2017) and joined a member of the SPIDER team.

Research Interests

Data Engineering
Social Big Data
Geo-social Data Analysis
Web-based Visualization

Contact Information

LIUPPA Laboratory, IUT De Bayonne et du Pays Basque
2 Allée Parc Montaury
64600 Anglet

Faculty of Informatics, Shizuoka University
3-5-1 Johoku Nishi-ku Hamamatsu

Phone: +81 53 478 1496
Email: [email protected]