Philippe Arnould

Philippe Arnould

Associate Researcher

Philippe Arnould


Philippe Arnould is currently a researcher and assistant professor in University of Pau and Adour Countries, IUT of Mont-de-Marsan. Working in the domain of computer science and telecommunications, Philippe is interested in topics such as big data, data fusion, and smart energy networks. Currently supervising a PhD. student in a smart energy related thesis.

Philippe Arnould obtained his PhD in electrical engineering (automation speciality) from National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine, INPL in 1993. Philippe has been an assistant professor since 1994 (1994-2000: University of Metz ; 2000-Curently: University of Pau and Adour Countries).

Research Interests

Big Data
Internet of Things
Image Processing
IP Telecommunications

Contact Information

Address: IUT of Adour Countries – R&T Departement
371 Rue du Ruisseau – BP 201
40004 Mont-de-Marsan

Phone: +33 5 58 51 37 19
Email: [email protected]