Eliana Raad


Raad, Eliana

PhD in Computer Science

Twitter : @Eliana_Raad
LinkedIn : Eliana Raad

[email protected]

Research Areas

  • Cybersecurity, Privacy protection, Anonymization
  • Online identity, User profiling
  • Social network analysis
  • Event detection, Event relations
  • Image clustering and metadata
  • Semantic multimedia analysis
  • Information retrieval
  • Data analysis and mining
  • Data visualization
  • Big data
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Internet of things


Eliana J. Raad holds a PhD in Computer Science from Bourgogne University, LE2I CNRS, France (December 2015). She also holds a Masters degree in Databases and Artificial Intelligence from Bourgogne University (July 2009), and a Masters of Engineering degree in Computer Science and Telecommunications from the Antonine University, Lebanon (July 2009).

Previously, she has occupied a two year research and teaching position in the Department of Computer Science, Pau and Adour University (2015-2017), one year instructor position in the Department of Computer Science, Pau and Adour University, France (2014-2015), and one year instructor position in the Department of Computer Science, Bourgogne University (2011-2012). She also held a Research Assistant position at the Lebanese American University in Lebanon (2010-2011), where she worked on reasoning methods and inference on the Semantic Web.

Her current research focuses on the topic of privacy preserving in Web 2.0 applications. In particular, she investigates the challenge of preserving users’ privacy in the context of social media and online social networks by exploring personal data in multimedia contents.


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  • Elie Raad, Richard Chbeir, Albert Dipanda, and Eliana J Raad. Automatic rule generation using crowdsourcing for better relationship type discovery. Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 36:80–97, 2017.
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