Intelligent Data Models Applied in the Construction Industry


Intelligent Data Models Applied in the Construction Industry

Project Overview

The ever increasing need for extracting knowledge from heterogeneous data has become a major concern in many application domains where several actors, with different expertise, exchange a great amount of information at any stage of a large-scale project. This is particularly observed in the construction industry where projects produce a large amount of unstructured information of various formats, categories and contents exchanged between contractors and owners of the project throughout the whole life cycle of a building.

We aim at providing a novel solution that improves semantic information processing and retrieval. This would allow users of different profiles to have the needed data easily available and adapted to their domains and requirements at any point in time.

The project is designed to develop :

  • A generic data model representing the collective knowledge embedded in a heterogenous document corpus
  • An automatic technique for the annotation of the heterogeneous corpus based on the provided data model
  • A document query language for non experts

Research Areas

  • Semantic Web
  • Ontologies
  • Document Representation
  • Metadata and Content Representation
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)

PhD Student

Nathalie CHARBEL

Project Members



    A private technological resource center, located in Anglet – France, which develops research activities and provide innovative service activities in sustainable development and construction areas.

    The LIUPPA (laboratory) T2I team

    Also located in Anglet – France, is the computer science laboratory of the University of Pau and Adour Countries (UPPA), which research activities focus on Spatial, Temporal and Thematic Information Processing.

    The aim of the collaboration between Nobatek and LIUPPA is to provide innovative information technology services improving the collaborative work in sustainable construction and modern architecture and urbanism.


    LinkedMDR: Linked Multimedia Document Representation


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