Khouloud SALAMEH

Khouloud SALAMEH

Ph.D Student



Khouloud SALAMEH received the M.Sc. degree in telecommunications and computer science from the Antonine University, Lebanon, in 2013. During the five years of Masters, she worked on developing mobile applications, and websites in MGG and QuakeVision companies, respectively. Then, she did research training, and worked on improving images retrieval in the web and particularly the images encoded in SVG format. Since then, she started her PhD in the Laboratory of the University of Pau and Adour Countries. Actually, she is a second year PhD student, working on developing a digital ecosystem for better management of Microgrids.

Domain of interests:

  • Images Feature extraction
  • Similarity-based image indexing and retrieval
  • Semantic Web
  • Game Theory
  • Digital Ecosystem

Contact Info:

Address: LIUPPA Laboratory, IUT De Bayonne et du Pays Basque
2 Allee Parc Montaury
64000 Anglet

Phone: +33 5 59 57 43 17
Email: [email protected]


– Khouloud Salameh, Joe Tekli, Richard Chbeir, SVG-to-RDF Image Semantization, 7th International Conference, SISAP 2014, Los Cabos, Mexico, October 2014, Similarity Search and Applications, Pages 214-228