Chinnapong Angsuchotmetee

Ph.D Student



Chinnapong Angsuchotmetee is currently studied Ph.D in Computer Science under the supervision of Prof. Richard Chbeir. Funding during the study is funded by the co-financing agreement between the Embassy of France in Thailand and Prince of Songkla University. The focus topic during the study are multimedia sensor networks and Internet of Things.  

Chinnapong Angsuchotmetee obtained B.Sc Computer Science and M.Sc Information Technology from School of Information Technology, KMUTT

Research Interests

  • Multimedia Sensor Networks
  • Internet of Things
  • Multimedia Data Processing
  • IP Telecommunications

Contact Information

Address: LIUPPA Laboratory, IUT De Bayonne et du Pays Basque
2 Allee Parc Montaury
64000 Anglet

Phone: +33 5 59 57 43 17, +33 7 81 53 53 08

4 documents

  • Conference papers

    • Kittichai Lavagnananda, Chinnapong Angsuchotmetee, Bouvry Pascal. Effect of packetization interval on number of connections in AAC audio streaming over WLAN 802.11g. Communications (APCC), 2011 17th Asia-Pacific Conference on, Oct 2011, Sabah, Malaysia. pp.530 - 535, <10.1109/APCC.2011.6152866>. <hal-01086583>
    • Kittichai Lavagnananda, Chinnapong Angsuchotmetee, Kitti Yongsakul, Parinya Panyato, Pantharee Sawasdimongkol. Performance tradeoff between mobility and voice quality among different VoIP deployment strategies. Communication Software and Networks (ICCSN), 2011 IEEE 3rd International Conference on, May 2011, Xi'an, China. pp.547 - 551, <10.1109/ICCSN.2011.6014954>. <hal-01086537>
    • Apivadee Piyatumrong, Patricia Ruiz, Pascal Bouvry, Frédéric Guinand, Kittichai Lavagnananda. Token Traversal Strategies of a Distributed Spanning Forest Algorithm in Delay Tolerant MANETs. Springer. Third International Conference, IAIT 2009., Dec 2009, Bangkok, Thailand. 55, pp.96-109, 2009, Communications in Computer and Information Science. <10.1007/978-3-642-10392-6_10>. <hal-00455459>
    • Apivadee Piyatumrong, Pascal Bouvry, Frédéric Guinand, Kittichai Lavagnananda. A Study of Token Traversal Strategies on Tree-Based Backbones for Mobile Ad Hoc - Delay Tolerant Networks. International Conference on Ultra Modern Telecommunications, Oct 2009, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. pp.1-8, 2009, <10.1109/ICUMT.2009.5345496>. <hal-00453527>