LinkedMDR: A Collective Knowledge Representation of a Heterogeneous Document Corpus

A global overview

LinkedMDR stands for Linked Multimedia Document Representation. It is a novel multi-layered ontology which provides the infrastructure to model the knowledge embedded in a heterogeneous document corpus of any domain-specific application.

LinkedMDR is made of three main layers:

  • The Core layer serving as a backbone and a mediator among the different layers;
  • The Metadata layer linking descriptors of existing standards in metadata representation;
  • The Pluggable Domain-Specific layer that can adapt to any domain-specific ontology.

The multi-layering of LinkedMDR ensures its genericity and extensibility.

This version of LinkedMDR is based on descriptors from DC, TEI  and MPEG-7 standards for the standardized metadata layer and an adapted version of the ifcOWL ontology for the pluggable domain-specific layer. It is applied in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry.


Figure 1 - Overall schema architecture of LinkedMDR ontology