Upcoming Seminar: 5 April 2016

On the 5th of April 2016, Ernesto Exposito, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at INSA Toulouse and a Researcher at the LAAS/CNRS laboratory in France, will do a seminar related to “Semantic-driven environments for integrability and interoperability of Internet of Everything”.
The seminar will be held at 10h, at room 304, UFR S&T building, Anglet.


Seminar Abstract and Biography of Ernesto Exposito


Since the very first version of the World Wide Web or Web 1.0, its successful, ubiquitous and pervasive deployment as an efficient communication channel between producers and consumers of data and services has led to very active research and development activities producing an important number of technological evolutions.
These evolutions have been mainly characterised by the development of new technologies facilitating the dynamic and bidirectional flow of information between producers and consumers of multimedia and heterogeneous content (e.g. social networks, blogs, wikis, podcasts, rss, cloud documents, etc.), This technological break point was defined as the Web 2.0.
The communication media access democratisation obtained with this new generation of the Web, has led to the massive ad-hoc production of large amounts of distributed data, services and resources that usually are not very well characterised making difficult its efficient exploitation.
Semantic driven integration and interoperation is becoming a crucial requirement particularly for a new Web generation of collaborative systems of systems.
This talks introduces a methodology based on Autonomic, Cognitive and Ontology-Driven Computing paradigms intended to satisfy the integration and interoperability semantic requirements for the new generation of «Internet of Everything» (data, objects, services, resources, and people).


Autonomic computing, Cognitive Computing, Cloud Computing, Smart Systems, Ontology Driven Interoperability


Since 2006, Ernesto Exposito is Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at INSA Toulouse and a researcher at the LAAS/CNRS laboratory in France. In 2004, he worked as Researcher in the National ICT Australia Limited (NICTA) Research Center in Sydney, Australia. His research interests include semantic-driven integration and interoperability of new generation of Internet of Everything (IoE). He has served as chairman and member for many Program Committees. He has participated in several european and french research projects (GCAP, EUQoS, NetQoS, [email protected], IMAGINE). He is author of more than 80 publications including international journals, regular and invited international conference papers, books and book chapters.